Africa’s First Contactless Payment Ring

Simplify your next payment

Put that card away! And look at the cashier’s reaction when you pay with your ring. The Level Ring is Africa’s first contactless payment ring which is safer than your ordinary card due to the secure payment gesture required to make a transaction. The Level Ring is Mastercard and Visa approved making it the most innovative payment wearable in the market.

How It Works

Setup Your Ring

The Level Ring works with a secure app that is only accessible to the owner. Once you’ve purchased the ring, download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store

Tap. Access. Pay

Once you’ve activated your ring, simply hover over the payment machine with a closed fist to make a secure payment.


No charging

Unlike smartphones and smartwatches with batteries, the Level Ring has no battery therefore requires no charging, so rest assure that you’ll always be able to pay.


Level Ring is 100% waterproof and won’t be affected by soap or water, so let’s keep those hands clean!

Scratch Resistance

With having a slick smooth finish ceramic material, the Level Ring is hypoallergic and scratch resistance.

One Button To Deactivate

Can’t find your ring? Don’t worry, simply deactivate the ring on the app.

Pre-order Your Ring


Level Ring uses the same technology as your traditional debit card when making contactless payments, therefore transactions are as secure as your contactless payment card. And also, the Level Ring requires a certain gesture when making a contactless payment which adds that extra security to your transaction.

Make a “fist” gesture with your hand and hover 3cm away from the payment machine.

At any contactless machine that displays this sign

Yes. You can use your ring anywhere in the world that accept Mastercard and Visa contactless payments which is currently in over 40 million locations worldwide.

The transaction limit in South Africa for a single contactless payment is R250.00

Simply log in your app and select the deactivation button. If you find it again, activate it the ring the same way.

The Level Ring will make payments when the owner hovers over the payment card machine with a closed fist gesture for 4 seconds. Therefore the ring will not work if someone just taps your ring without the owners hand in a Transmission Ready position.

Level is a proudly African electronic brand that focuses on developing useful innovative products for consumers.

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